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You have stumbled over Odera Igwe, he is a seasoned programmer well-
versed in working on games and applications.

Expertise includes C# and C++ development tools.
Odera is an team-oriented and hardworking individual
with good verbal and written communication skills.
Furthermore, he is a talented Computer Programmer

bringing up to 3 years of experience delivering error-
free code within stringent deadlines. Comfortable with

Agile frameworks and working collaboratively or
autonomously. Enthusiastic programmer eager to
contribute to team success through hard work,
attention to detail and excellent organizational skills.
He has a clear understanding in both Game Design
Document and the Technical Design Document and
training in source control. Motivated to learn, grow and
excel in the industry . Strengths in C# and C++ as said
earlier and it is backed by training in SAE Institute. Odera has a background in Design patterns as well.



  • 3 years of experience in IT support

  • 3 years of experience in C# and Unity3D.

  • 6 months intern at Blue Monocole Software

  • 1 year experience with C++ 

  • 2 year of experience in the mobile development field

  • 3 years of experience in PC game development.

  • Only recently started working and publishing games on the store.









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